Treatment Of Skin Disease Fourth Edition

Content  Strategist:   Russell  Gabbedy
Content  Development  Specialist:   Joanne  Scott
Content  Coordinator:   Trinity  Hutton
Project  Manager:   Vinod  Kumar  Iyyappan
Design:  Christian  J.  Bilbow
Illustration  Manager:  Jennifer  Rose
Marketing  Manager(s)  (UK/USA):  Gaynor  Jones/Abigail  Swartz
Treatment of Skin Disease is your definitive source for managing the complete range of dermatologic conditions you're likely to encounter in practice. This medical reference book boasts an intuitive and easy to use format that covers the full spectrum of options, equipping you with not only standard treatment strategies, but second- and third-line therapies for instances when other alternatives fail. You'll be thoroughly prepared to offer your patients the expertly informed medical care they deserve when facing common or complex dermatologic diseases.

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