Echocardiography- A Case Based Review

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Echocardiography has become an essential diagnosticbtool across the spectrum of cardiovascular disease. In the era of rapid technology development and the increasing use of other imaging modalities, echocar-diography remains the single most useful imaging technique which couples comprehensive hemodynamic data with information on cardiac structure and systolic and diastolic function. Strain-based imaging now provides sensitive incremental quantitation of  myocardial function with 3-dimensional echocardiography allowing real-time views of detailed true cardiac anatomy. We have been very gratified by the success of The Echo Manual, currently in its 3rd edition, which has aided the education of physicians and sonographers since its first publication in 1 994. As its name indicates, the book is first and foremost a manual to provide instruction to the learner on the various aspects of echocardiography and their clinical applications, highlighting the strengths and limitations of the modality and providing the reader the necessary steps to accomplish a comprehensive, quantitative diagnostic examination.

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