Pediatric Ultrasound: How, Why and When

The book takes an evidence-based approach to common diagnostic imaging dilemmas in pediatric ultrasound. It provides clear and referenced pediatric imaging guidelines for common and controversial dilemmas. Ultrasound is one of the most widely used imaging modalities in pediatric radiology and is set to continue to grow and develop as computing and equipment improves and new applications become available. Children are ideally suited to ultrasound,
since their low levels of body fat contribute to ultrasound images of exquisite detail. This book is intended as a practical starting point for radiologists, sonographers and other medical healthcare professionals undertaking ultrasound examinations in children, providing all necessary normative charts and guidelines on examining techniques. The book is not a comprehensive text on all the many different pathologies likely to be encountered in children, but it is intended to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of ultrasound in the important conditions. The aim is to provide the sonographer with a framework to use in diagnosis, so that the maximum amount of information can be gained from the ultrasound.
It is assumed that the sonographer has a basic understanding of how to operate an ultrasound
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