The first edition of the  Textbook of Diabetes and Pregnancy, edited by M. Hod and colleagues, was published five years ago. At that time, I mused about the uncertainty that yet another textbook on a well-established topic of clinical activity and research would be successful. The record of widespread circulation of the text speaks for itself, encouraging the preparation of the second edition that is now a reality. There is a long history of collegiality among leaders in the field of diabetes and pregnancy. Reflecting this, the editor, M. Hod, is from Israel and he assembled a team of co-editors from three additional countries, the USA, Italy, and Spain. The more than 60 additional authors that contributed to the first edition were from equally diverse backgrounds, fields of expertise, and insti-tutional and national affiliations. Likewise, the content of the volume was comprehensive and provided great depth in coverage of the field.

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