2015 - Hepatology at a Glance 

"Hepatology at a Glance" is an accessible, illustrated introduction to this increasingly important specialty. This brand new title helps the reader to develop a solid understanding of liver disease, and to recognise, diagnose and treat all types of routinely encountered liver and biliary disorders. It covers key areas such as the development, structure and function of the liver, transplantation, surgery and nutrition. Common cases of liver disorders and scenario, and the management of rarer diseases and disorders in special patient groups such as the pregnant are included. "Hepatology at a Glance" - Is a unique and concise resource on hepatology created for junior medical staff - Maintains a practical emphasis, with advice on history, examination and clinical testing - Includes clinical scenarios, with self-assessment questions and full explanations to answers - Follows the curriculum set by and with the support of the British Society of Gastroenterology - Includes a companion website at www.ataglanceseries.com/hepatology featuring 30 MCQs Providing guidance on all vital aspects of the specialty, "Hepatology at a Glance" is a succinct and accessible summative resource to enable a thorough understanding of the field.

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