Color Atlas of Ultrasound Anatomy

Berthold Block, M.D.
Private Practice
Ultrasound scanning yields a series of sectional images. The basis for in-terpreting the examination is the individual sectional image. At first sight, it is easy to be confused by the variable appearance of an ultra-sound scan of the same region in different patients. This has numerous causes, including differences in density, body fat, age-related differences, overlying gas, and artifacts. In most cases the apparent discrepancies are not based on true anatomical differences. When a systematic scanning routine is closely followed, series of sectional images can be obtained in every patient with remarkable consistency. Even if the images themselves vary, the anatomical relationships that are demon-strated remain constant.While some excellent atlases have been published on computed tomo-
graphy and magnetic resonance imaging, it is curious that no one (to the author’s knowledge) has taken the trouble to create a similar atlas of sectional anatomy for abdominal ultrasound. The present atlas attempts to fill this gap. In particular, the author hopes to provide the beginner with a comprehensive guide to the initially confusing world of sonographic anatomy.
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